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Contrast by Elizaveta Porodina

Break by Michel Widenius

I thought i saw you standing there by Thomas Babeau

The Moment by Dimitri Dimitracacos

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Rila Fukushima, the cover girl

Rila Fukushima, the cover girl

When she was a little girl, she dreamt of becoming a witch. She remembers asking her mother how it could be done. Her mother told her to practice riding a unicycle. She practiced and practiced until she could do a few tricks, then asked her mother when she’d get her broom. Her mother replied, “You believed me? I was kidding!” She was so hurt – so surprised – that it took her a week to recover.



Back issues – Ryan Lo on desperate women

Ryan Lo is a designer originally from Hong Kong. He moved to London when he was 16 years old and studied at the London College of Fashion. Lo’s design has been featured in magazines like i-D, Dazed&Confused and LOVE and seen on the runway of London Fashion Week.
REVS shot his FW14 collection for the BLAZE issue.


prada iconoclasts

Prada Iconoclasts 2015

Prada is having special exhibitions of their spring/summer 2015 collection curated by various creative talents around the world. This is the third year Prada invites visual talent outside the house to put their twist on their current collections in their in-store exhibition entitled ”Iconoclasts”



Power by Oliver Stalmans

Power – A story by Oliver Stalmans for REVS #6 Photography by Oliver Stalmans, Styling by Dorothea Grundtoft   ‘Power’ is another fantastic fashion story brought to from the printed back issues of REVS, in this case issue #6 CONTROL. Photographer Oliver Stalmans’ vision is clearly presented in this story, working together with Stylist…



Alisa Ueno, FIG&VIPER and Tokyo by REVS

Alisa Ueno meets REVS editors to share her thoughts on her quickly rising professional career as a fashion designer, DJ, model, artist. We also had the opportunity to work on a photographic story together shot in the street of Tokyo. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Started modeling at the age of 16 and launched her brand FIG&VIPER only 3 years later. Works also as a DJ and producer.


Self portrait. Oil on canvas. 150 x 180 cm. 2013cover

Works and thoughts by Daniel Martin

In his work Martin intelligently blends computer accurance with the nature of humane mistakes. Once you see a painting of his, with the you want to know the story. So we asked, and here is what he told us. The portraits are mostly fictional. I use photographs and take out certain parts, in order to create a new face. This way of working allows me to create faces that don’t actually exist, but the characters still look familiar.



One Second Can exhibition by Hertta Kiiski

The exhibition was Hertta Kiiski’s master’s thesis exhibition called “One Second Can”. She is an artist working with photography, moving image and installation. I was walking past Gallery FAFA and saw a distinctive composition through a window. There was a large photograph of a blue, tongue-colouring candy in someone’s mouth

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