Ran by Katy Shayne & Vōx

Ran is a story shot by Katy Shayne and self styled by Vōx.

Second Nature by Neda Rajabi

Second Nature, a story by photographer Neda Rajabi and stylist Nuria Gregori featuring Virginie @M4 mos. Hair & make-up by Maria Ehrlich, while Neda Rajabi was assisted by Simon Mayr.

Kiss Me Like in 1999 by Derec Patrick

Kiss Me Like in 1999, a series shot by photographer Derec Patrick and styled by Emma Larsen featuring the perfect set of eyes in Georgia Weeks at Photogenics. Make-up and Hair just right by Yuri Janice.

The Vacation by photographer Yolanda Y. Liou and stylist Miko Sarmiento for REVSmag featuring mo Maja Simonsen at Premier. Make-up by Snowkei Lan with assistant Crystal Liu, hair by hair stylist Miti Kondo.

Tell Me by Ida-Marie Fiskaa and stylist Maria Pasenau, hair and make-up by Ida-Marie Fiskaa mo Arune J at DP Mos – @DPMos.

Alissa Nicolai SS16 shot by Carlijn Jacobs in this story called cell. Hair and Make-up by Dennis Michael using Ellis Faas Cosmetics and Kevin Murphy featuring mos Anna @ Jill Mo Management & Naomi @ Elvis Mos

Thank you Flow Festival 2016 for inspiring us – once again. Three days of smiles, colors, los in the eyes, moments, flickering lights and blue skies.

Magnetic Feild by Toyohide Kanda

Magnetic Field is a story by talented photographer Toyohide Kanda and stylist Ami Sasahara. Make-up by Shino Ariizumi featuring the cool and beautiful mo Risa Jozuka

Tell Me by Ida-Marie Fiskaa and stylist Maria Pasenau, hair and make-up by Ida-Marie Fiskaa mo Arune J at DP Mos – @DPMos.

Wishing is a story by photographer Gael haye and stylist Kazuyo Shinato @ AVGVST, commissioned for REVS No.16 “Wishing” features Mo – Meng Zheng @ Wizard Mo, Make-up by Namiko Takemiya @ AVGVST and hair by Show Fujimoto @ S-14.

No Gravity Under the Sun by photographer Kipling Phillips and stylist Nadja Brvar for revsmag.com featuring mo Maren @Girls Club Management with the work in hair and make-up of Linda Sigg @ Nina Klein.

Mercedes by photographer Suleika Mueller and Stylist Hanna Toni Trueb. Hair & make up, mo Mercedes W.@ D1 Mos.

The series PLAY is the work of photographer Masa Hamanoi and stylist Yoshiki, the series features mo Megumu at play, great work in make-up by Yoshi.T and Hair by Ritsu

Lily in Melbury is a story by photographer Daniel Na & stylist Anat Dychtwald featuring mo Lily Newmark @FristLondon, Make-up by Natalie Piacun and Hair y Shukeel.

A Cruel Romantic by photographer Shawn Paul Tan and stylist Edge Yang. Based on a story of a forlorn woman whose yearning for is tempted with her obsession with flowers. Fashion by designer Yiran Liu, featured by mo Johanna Adde @ NEVS. Set design by Nuha Mekki Ham, Makeup by Tamash Sharkan and hair by Ziima Yosuke Nakajima

The Tone is a story by photographer Maria Karas and Art Director Sharon Pandolfo Perez. Stylist Connie Berg and set design by Cecilia Elguero @Kate Ryan. Featuring mo Laura Hanson Sims @The Society, Hair by Yuhi Kim @bridge Artist using Oribe, Make-up by Kento Utsubo

Amie J by Karl & Kristof

Amie J is a story by photography duo Karl & Kristof together with a fantastic beauty team, Hair by Dejan Cekanovic and Make-up by Sophia Eriksen, featuring Amie J @Mikas Sthlm.

Dolly by Emmanuel Giraud

Dolly by photographer Emmanuel Giraud @ The Art Board and stylist David Duval @The Art Board. Featuring mo Morgane @ Silent wearing Lanvin. Make-up by Annabelle Petit @ ASG and Hair by Jean Baptiste.


Polymer by photographer Othello Grey. Styled by Jennifer Cheng this series features mo Zhang @Elite Toronto

OFF THE RADAR by MagnusLechner

Off The Radar by photographer Magnus Lechner and stylist Gina Pieper. Make-up and Hair by Alexander Hofman. Off The Radar features mo Tori Braun @TUNEMANAGEMENT.


ONAR A/W 2016 collection film by Jesse Auersalo

ONAR is a Helsinki-based design house established by designer Irene Kostas. ONAR is specializing in high-quality shearling clothes and accessories, leather accessories and unisex ready-to-wear

Johannes Heil

Farrel Boussir / REVSmag.com interviewed Johannes Heil, the hyped German techno producer whose new release ‘The Black Light’ is out on 23rd of November 2015.

Pebelle X Sally & Johannah Jørgensen

Her name is Johannah Jørgensen, a multi-media artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together with her creative partner, Sally Jørgensen, they produced a fashion film for the Austrian fashion designer, Pebelle. They are a sister duo, both artists working in music, performance, film and photography in Copenhagen and Berlin. This is definitely a VHS gem, I hoep you’ll it as much as we do.

Meeting Golgotha by Sini Rinne-Kanto

Antoine Aillot, Marvin De Deus Ganhitas and Guillaume Hugon form the creative team behind the young Parisian design studio Golgotha. Challenging the conventional boundaries between fashion, graphic design and art, their work unearths inspiration from show rooms and branded world, yet applying a highly sophisticated artistic approach.

Noël Skrzypczak: The Indescribable beauty of colour

Noël Skrzypczak’s work is pretty much as hard to describe as her last name is to spell. The organic chance in shapes and artificial blasts of color in tandem create something very easy to be attracted to, if not to be put into words.

Don Quijote, a trailer by Morgan Norman

A cinematic art & dance film by Morgan Norman in collaboration with the Swedish Royal Ballet. The film is based on 3 parallel worlds. The Backstage: symbolising the beginning and preparation. The Golden Room: symbolising focus and the voyage and finally The Stage: symbolising the rs – Don Quijote

Come Home Papi by Yolanda Liou

Another post curated by our ly, sexy and irresistible Traci. This is Come Home Papi by photographer Yolanda Liou and Stylist Chino Castilla Jorge. Featuring talent Shannon Gayle Hurd, Make-up by Phoebe Taylor.

REVS digital No.9 The SIGNS issue Out Now!

REVS digital #9 SIGNS is out now with fashion stories by Tamaki Yoshida, Masami Naruo, Fan Wu, Julian Niznik, Naomi Akvama and Daniella Midenge. Also Interviews with illustrator Kaethe Butcher curated by Traci and Takahiro Kimura as well as the collection feature on Stefanie Biggel. Dont miss this new release of REVS digital and download the app now to get this latest release and earlier ones.

Pure disclosure: Art from labs to gallery spaces

The result of Siliqoon’s proposal materialized this spring, when a group exhibition entitled Pure Disclosure opened its doors at the independent art space Marsèlleria permanent exhibition, in Milan.

The Works, Paul McLaren

Paul McLaren is a 16 year old photographer based out of New York City. He has studied in many institutions including the International Center of Photography, Parsons Academy of Design, and the San Francisco Art Institute.