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Johannes Heil

Farrel Boussir / REVSmag.com interviewed Johannes Heil, the hyped German techno producer whose new release ‘The Black Light’ is out on 23rd of November 2015.

Pebelle X Sally & Johannah Jørgensen

Her name is Johannah Jørgensen, a multi-media artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together with her creative partner, Sally Jørgensen, they produced a fashion film for the Austrian fashion designer, Pebelle. They are a sister duo, both artists working in music, performance, film and photography in Copenhagen and Berlin. This is definitely a VHS gem, I hoep you’ll it as much as we do.

Meeting Golgotha by Sini Rinne-Kanto

Antoine Aillot, Marvin De Deus Ganhitas and Guillaume Hugon form the creative team behind the young Parisian design studio Golgotha. Challenging the conventional boundaries between fashion, graphic design and art, their work unearths inspiration from show rooms and branded world, yet applying a highly sophisticated artistic approach.

Don Quijote, a trailer by Morgan Norman

A cinematic art & dance film by Morgan Norman in collaboration with the Swedish Royal Ballet. The film is based on 3 parallel worlds. The Backstage: symbolising the beginning and preparation. The Golden Room: symbolising focus and the voyage and finally The Stage: symbolising the rs – Don Quijote

Come Home Papi by Yolanda Liou

Another post curated by our ly, sexy and irresistible Traci. This is Come Home Papi by photographer Yolanda Liou and Stylist Chino Castilla Jorge. Featuring talent Shannon Gayle Hurd, Make-up by Phoebe Taylor.

REVS digital No.9 The SIGNS issue Out Now!

REVS digital #9 SIGNS is out now with fashion stories by Tamaki Yoshida, Masami Naruo, Fan Wu, Julian Niznik, Naomi Akvama and Daniella Midenge. Also Interviews with illustrator Kaethe Butcher curated by Traci and Takahiro Kimura as well as the collection feature on Stefanie Biggel. Dont miss this new release of REVS digital and download the app now to get this latest release and earlier ones.

The Works, Paul McLaren

Paul McLaren is a 16 year old photographer based out of New York City. He has studied in many institutions including the International Center of Photography, Parsons Academy of Design, and the San Francisco Art Institute.

An Interview with Jaakko Pallasvuo

An Interview with Jaakko Pallasvuo

Recently, the name of Jaakko Pallasvuo started to show up on a regular basis in my visual feed: after having discovered his video work Picasso in a group exhibition entitled Zombie Routine in Paris, I ended up spending a considerable amount of time loing at his videos on Youtube.

Meet Atopos Contemporary Visual Culture

I want to introduce Atopos Contemporary Visual Culture to you. The word “atopos” is drawn from ancient Greek “άτοπος” referring to the strange, the unwanted, the eccentric and the unclassifiable.

Oscar Mulero in REVS magazine

An interview with Oscar Mulero

Oscar Mulero, is a producer and DJ originally from Madrid. He was the founder of The Omen Club in Madrid, which is often considered as the beginning of Mulero’s career. He is one of the oldest, and for many the most respected, techno artists from Spain

Billy & Hells in REVS magazine

The interview, Billy & Hells

They are known for their vivid colored portraits. They met in 1986 and have worked together ever since, having exhibitions around the world in Amsterdam, Tyo and Los Angeles, to name a few.

Birds in Space by Alina Negoita

Alina Negoita is a creative born in Romania, currently living in London. In her documentary styled photography and film work, she touches subjects that are not only skillfully chosen and brought together, but as beautifully portrayed. Her images are real, but when we lo at them, our imagination starts instantly playing movies and stories in our heads

The real world of Charles Fréger

Charles Freger is a French portrait photographer and the creator of photography collective Piece of Cake. Through his numerous bos and projects, he portraits real phenomena, but his work is far from documentary photography.

Marimekko AW15

A Peek into the Future of Marimekko

Marimekko is a Finnish fashion and design house that was founded in 1951 by Viljo and Armi Ratia. Earlier this week Marimekko presented their Ready-to-Wear A/W 2015 collection in Helsinki. This presentation showed the first steps of the direction in which Marimekko design is moving under the new Creative Director Anna Teurnell

REVS magazine No.14 TASTE

REVS magazine No14 TASTE hunger for the living

    This spring REVS No14 TASTE issue speaks of how far we go to satisfy our hunger for life, for taste. What happens to us when that hunger grows, who do we become? Pages bouncing between the taste of living and flavours – too much to have, too much to bear, irresistible. In the…