Blink by Jingyu Lin

Blink is fashion in motion, a split second or many, Blink by Jingyu Lin, styled by Laura Gordon featuring mo Bryn @FORD Mos Chicago. Make-Up and Hair by Caitlin Krenz

Noah by Chad and Tashena

New editorial portraying Noah @Misha Mos shot by Chad & Tashena. Styling by Maaike Staal and make up & hair by Magdalena Loza.

Golden by Sarah Kühl

New editorial by photographer Sarah Kühl and stylist Josepha Rodriguez, featuring mo Luisa Moek @SeeDS with hair & makeup by Carolin Jarchow using Chanel.

The Sun by Daniela Gyllensten

Editorial featuring Agnes and Lärke @Le Management shot by Daniela Gyllensten and styled by Jahwanna Berglund, with Makeup & Hair by Jessica De La Torre using Viseart Paris.

Black And Light by Keisuke Tsujimoto

‘Black And Light’ by Keisuke Tsujimoto, featuring Paula Klimczak styled by Sue Waller. Hair styling by Hide Suzuki & make up by Jun Shimizu.

The Garden by Tania Kezha

‘The Garden’ is an editorial by Photographer Tania Kezha and Stylist Yulia Ivanova featuring mo Marika with make up by Sasha Nosikova.

Elodie by Margaux Gayet

‘Elodie’ is a beautiful and fresh editorial by photographer Margaux Gayet and make up artist Eden Tonda, featuring Elodie Christ @ Premium Mos.

REVS #18 The Maze Issue

REVS Magazine issue 18 ’The Maze’ is out now! The issue talks about the need to get lost to be found – navigating through the maze of life.

In a Bubble by PETROS Studio

‘In a Bubble’ is a beauty story by Petros Studio featuring mo Karina K @ Premium Mos London with make up by Samanta Falcone and hair styling by Ryuta Saiga.

RED by Daniela Gyllensten

RED is an editorial by Daniela Gyllensten featuring mos Thea and Engla from Elite mos. The story is styled by Sanna Fried, with make up by Jessica de la Torre and hair styling by Victor Kurjenkallio.

Nude by Diane Betties

Nude is a new editorial by Photograper Diane Betties featuring Folke @ SeeDS Management. The story is styled by Kathi Glas with hair and make up by Norbert Cheminel.

For you, M by Eva Häuslmeier

For you, M is an editorial featuring mo Sophia B at Miha Mo Management shot by photographer Eva Häuslmeier and styled by Linda Sakallah, with hair and make up by Sabrina Reuschl.

Tokyo Sky by Kentaro Ohama

Tyo Sky is an editorial shot by Japanese photographer Kentaro Ohama featuring mo Hako with make up and hair by Kato.

Sweet Stories by Alex Blonde

Sweet Stories is an editorial photographed by Alex Blonde. The story is featuring mo Erika Butautaite from Blow Mos styled by Cristina Carrazna with make up & hair by Maryorie Ticse.

Never Let Me Go by Hildur Agustsdottir

This editorial shot by Hildur Agustsdottir and styled by Benedetta Baruffi reminds us of an early spring. Make up by Emma Small and hair styling by Asahi Sano.

TERRY by Anouk Nitsche

Beautiful Terry from Uno Mos is enjoying the rays of the morning sun in this on editorial shot by Anouk Nitsche, styled by Anna Segarra with makevup and hair by Marta Blasi.

FEMKE by Emil Pabon

Beautiful & youthful Femke Huijzer photographed by Emil Pabon for REVS On. Styling by Channa Ringeling and make up by Marije Koelewijn.

SPACE by Fabio Piemonte

This editorial by photographer Fabio Piemonte is playing with minimalism and simplicity. The white space is filled with the presence of mo Valou Weemering styled by Camille Kolb, with make up and hair by Camille Arnaud.

In Loving Memory of Teri Niitti

To honor the memory of our bed friend and fashion features editor Teri Niitti, who passed away on the 9th of January 2017, we selected these beautiful examples of the work he and we together had the opportunity to produce for REVS throughout the years.

Liza Teddy Schwab by Vincent Binant

Liza Teddy Schwab los mesmerizing in this beautiful black & white film by Vincent Binant, featuring Allen Ginsberg’s beautiful poem ‘Song’

YANTOR – Rethinking Fashion in Japan

Yantor is a Tyo based clothing label made up of two creatives – Kosuke Sakakura and Kensuke Yoshida. Their 2017 Spring/Summer collection is based on a project called ONE by ONE, in which they make the everyday routine of wearing clothes a tool of communication.

ASTRID by Charlotte Ea

Striking beauty of Astrid Rørmand captured by Charlotte Ea for REVSmag.com. Styling by Fadi Morad and make up & hair by Sanne Anndriani.

Night Light by Bardo

Editorial featuring mo Masha styled by Anne-Catherine Frey and shot by Bardo. Beautiful make up by Miwoo Kim and hair styling by Akemi Kishida.

Sisyphe – Southside 2016

Fashion film that caught our eye with its captivating plot and direction, from Spanish clothing label Sisyphe, featuring their latest collection ’Southside’.

ALICE by Miriam Nickel

Fun and fresh portraits of mo Alice Janssens by photographer Miriam Nickel, with make up and hair by Saskia Lou Müller for REVS magazine on.

Dray Land by Agustina Rodríguez

Dray Land, a story by photographer Agustina Rodríguez and stylist Txell Tous. Beautiful location and colours, the perfect set design and mood. Hair & Make-Up by Alizia Moreno for Moroccanoil and Mavala, Photo asistant Elisabeth Soler. All featuring mo Benedetta @ UNO Mos Bcn.


BOY/GIRL photography duo creates this striking series featuring the amazing beauty work of Make-up artist Rebekah Butterworth and Hair stylist Mark Francome-Painter with mo Anu @M+P.


The Gamut issue is translating the spectrum of life into colors. It talks about the feelings, morals, thoughts and moments that build the world we perceive. We are the black sheep, caught red handed and out of the blue, we find the golden ticket. This issue is the gamut of colors; of morals; of the things we don’t say but show. The Gamut issue is featuring photographic work by Stefan Dotter, Kipling Philips, Justyna Dudek, Toyohide Kanda, Emil Monty Freddie, Yoshinori Mizutani, Marcin Kempski and Christoffer Dalkarls, art works by Jenni Rope & Dermot Gallagher and written pieces by Jesper Vuori, Caro Krager, Markku Mäkelä and Autozine.

Second Nature by Neda Rajabi

Second Nature by Neda Rajabi

Second Nature, a story by photographer Neda Rajabi and stylist Nuria Gregori featuring Virginie @M4 mos. Hair & make-up by Maria Ehrlich, while Neda Rajabi was assisted by Simon Mayr.

Kiss Me Like in 1999 by Derec Patrick

Kiss Me Like in 1999 by Derec Patrick

Kiss Me Like in 1999, a series shot by photographer Derec Patrick and styled by Emma Larsen featuring the perfect set of eyes in Georgia Weeks at Photogenics. Make-up and Hair just right by Yuri Janice.

The Vacation by Yolanda Y. Liou

The Vacation by photographer Yolanda Y. Liou and stylist Miko Sarmiento for REVSmag featuring mo Maja Simonsen at Premier. Make-up by Snowkei Lan with assistant Crystal Liu, hair by hair stylist Miti Kondo.

Cells by Carlijn Jacobs

Alissa Nicolai SS16 shot by Carlijn Jacobs in this story called cell. Hair and Make-up by Dennis Michael using Ellis Faas Cosmetics and Kevin Murphy featuring mos Anna @ Jill Mo Management & Naomi @ Elvis Mos

FLOW festival 2016 Helsinki

Thank you Flow Festival 2016 for inspiring us – once again. Three days of smiles, colors, los in the eyes, moments, flickering lights and blue skies.

Magnetic Feild by Toyohide Kanda

Magnetic Field by Toyohide Kanda

Magnetic Field is a story by talented photographer Toyohide Kanda and stylist Ami Sasahara. Make-up by Shino Ariizumi featuring the cool and beautiful mo Risa Jozuka

Tell Me by Ida-Marie Fiskaa

Tell Me by Ida-Marie Fiskaa and stylist Maria Pasenau, hair and make-up by Ida-Marie Fiskaa mo Arune J at DP Mos – @DPMos.

Wishing by Gael Delhaye

Wishing is a story by photographer Gael haye and stylist Kazuyo Shinato @ AVGVST, commissioned for REVS No.16 “Wishing” features Mo – Meng Zheng @ Wizard Mo, Make-up by Namiko Takemiya @ AVGVST and hair by Show Fujimoto @ S-14.

No Gravity Under the Sun by Kipling Phillips

No Gravity Under the Sun by photographer Kipling Phillips and stylist Nadja Brvar for revsmag.com featuring mo Maren @Girls Club Management with the work in hair and make-up of Linda Sigg @ Nina Klein.

Mercedes by Suleika Mueller

Mercedes by photographer Suleika Mueller and Stylist Hanna Toni Trueb. Hair & make up, mo Mercedes W.@ D1 Mos.