Anja Konstantinova in The Breeze

Benjamin Madgwick portraits a real and beautifuly fresh Anja Konstantinova. Anja is a Russian-Australian model @Premier, her striking beauty is most definitely more than a canvas but is this setting that also comes as more than just a beauty shoot.



interview with Moley Talhaoui

Moley Talhaoui is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. We asked him to share his dreams and thoughts with REVS digital.
What are your first memories of painting or drawing?
I have an early image in my mind of religious symbols in ecclesiastical surroundings. I think it stems back from my childhood memories in Andalusia.


Ojay 0329F

Along Came a Zebra by Simo Vassinen

From REVS #5 a closer look at the two artist Zebra Katz and Njena Reddd Foxxx, texts by Simo Vassinen.
One day you plan catering events at an office in New Jersey. A while later, they salute you as a king of darkness with your voice echoing through flames on a runway with the models trying not to miss any of the beats that you recorded in your bedroom five years earlier. But do you know what you want? Do you know where you’re going to? No.


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Rita Lino on Infinite – REVS magazine #5

From the print of REVS magazine #5 Utopia issue ( Winter 2012 ) Rita Lino puts together a truly fantastic black and white series featuring Margarita and Lien @BEST models and the striking work of Hair Stylist Bruno Bessa Cruz and Make-Up Artist Tinoca.


Up in the sky

Impossible Landscapes by Francesco Romoli

In 1998 Francesco became fascinated with computers and six years later he graduated with a Computer Science degree. Then he gradually started mixing his digital skills with photography and ended up becoming a photographer using both analogue and digital techniques. In 2012 he began to study at the Fondazione Studio Maragoni, a contemporary photography school in Florence.


Longbow 5s

Interview with Lola Dupre

Interview with Lola Dupre and works Text by Pirita Litmanen   In the articles I’ve read about you during the years, you are always based in a different city. Where are you based now? We are actually in the middle of travelling at the moment, we drove here to Glasgow about one week ago. And we…


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Innocence – REVS #3 The BIRTH issue

Innocense by Michele Pescione REVS magazine #3   This story is from REVS #3 BIRTH issue, back in 2012. Shot by New York based photographer Michele Pescione. This still remains in my mind as one of my favourite stories ever published in REVS magazine. It takes me to a past time, to an American beach…



15 minutes with Henrik Vibskov

Interview with Henrik Vibskov Text by Pirita Litmanen   Henrik Vibskov is known for countless things. As a designer and an artist, he has done it all: interior design, installations, movies, songs, clothes, accessories. The list is quite endless. What can you ask him in 15 minutes? I guess the first question would be; how…