REVS magazine is a biannual fashion and art magazine directed by a team based between Helsinki and Tokyo. REVS originally started in Helsinki. that gave it the freedom to write its own story, not to be defined by rules or standards. Holding on to that original drive and motto revs continues to evolve. Today each issue is driven by our own realities and our own voice. The subject is at the heart of each issue and beyond the images it tells a story with a captivating plot acted by talented contributors. Through the search for those stories and visual ideas, we find ourselves today standing on a different stage playing our stories in fashion capitals, inspired by everything, obeying nothing. REVS printed magazine is distributed internationally, its large format allows the reader to dive into a world of amazing imagery and its art direction is carefully planned to cherish both the beauty and the message of each issue. The aim of revs magazine is to inspire and to communicate a statement of quality and style. making every copy a timeless statement of what we find beautiful. REVS is timeless, the immediacy of fashion is another story. This is a publication that truly speaks of subjects that are meaningful to all of us as people from a perspective shaped by good style and the love for fashion and arts.

Publisher: SECT ET SEPT Oy.
Editor in Chief & Creative Director – Federico Cabrera
Assistant Editor – Roosa Kurikka
Commissioning Editor Japan – Jasmin Mishima
Deputy Editor Japan – Satoru Teshi Teshima
REVS magazine is directed by SERVE agency